How to Fix Asus R303C Not Detecting Headset Mic

The solution is so simple, I’m smacking myself for not thinking of it earlier.

My problem was, although my computer had a single jack for both headphones and the mic, various programs weren’t detecting the mic on my headset.

To fix it, all you need to do is to uninstall the RealTek Audio Driver. Really! Just uninstall it, restart your computer, and everything works normally.

I got my inspiration from a post on a forum. The guy said that he was so frustrated, he uninstalled the audio driver, and recommended people AGAINST it. But I ended up doing it just to try it out. I originially intended on reinstalling the driver, but it worked so well that I didn’t.

When in doubt, uninstall. Sometimes, less is really more.


Bald in Society.

I shaved my hair at a Hair for Hope event on 17 June 2018. To be frank, I wanted to already – I wanted to try it out, wanted to fix my dandruff, wanted a fresh start. And then I thought hey, I’m going to anyway, might as well do it for a good cause and donate the hair to another one, right?

To all those fighting cancer out there: stay strong. It’s tough, but you are tougher.

Some thoughts on my new hair, below the (heh) cut.

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Inspired by Santorini

I live at the foot of an active volcano. We call it Makista.

Actually, I don’t know for sure that Makista is active. We haven’t had an explosion in, what, a couple hundred years?

But what I do know is that we’re playing with fate. Scientists warn of an imminent explosion, but Abuela refuses to move. What can I do. Abuela sees this place as her homeland. Plus, the last time everyone moved away, nothing happened anyway.

I’m preparing for Abuela’s birthday tomorrow, making a huge salad for the feast. I’m almost done when I hear her call for me. I put my bowl down and find her in the living—

what. Why. Abuela. Wake up. Don’t –

Ambulance. Ambulance!

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