An Ode to Learning

Below is my submission for Activia Training’s UK Scholarship.

Why is learning important to you and how has it impacted your life?

I am a cat. Curiosity killed me several times, but satisfaction has brought me back many times, too. When I was younger, Wikipedia’s hyperlinks were laser pointers aimed at a white wall, and I couldn’t help clicking on every link I saw. What’s behind all those links? I had to know and hunted them down. Simply put, learning was – and still is – my catnip.

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Stay Local for Free, or Go Overseas and Fight to Pay? Calculating the ROI

For anyone in the same dilemma as me, I hope this post can show you the options we have to tackle this. The idea is to think about the problem in many different ways, then see which option ‘wins’ in each round, or what new ideas you’ve gotten.

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How to Make Your Own Bicycle Raincoat

Finished product:


In Singapore, some bike parking places don’t have sheltered parking. Here’s how I made my own raincoat for my bike. Basically, I used an iron to meld two disposable raincoats together to make the raincoat.

Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the process, so have some quick inside-of-the-envelope sketches (yes I drew them on an actual envelope and a letter).

Time taken: 3 hours (should be faster if you know what you’re doing. I was experimenting too.)

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Finance a Bond-free Overseas Education: It’s Possible!

Yes, even for students in Singapore! I’ve been exploring my options for funding an overseas education, and I’ve been talking to people. I was introduced to S, who took her own route to the US, and we had a great chat about going overseas.

I realised that you have more choices beyond paying entirely out of your own pockets, or getting a bonded scholarship. Far too often these look like the only options for Singaporeans. There’s actually a comfortable in-between: pay parts of it yourself, and then make up the difference with other methods.

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