An Ode to Learning

Below is my submission for Activia Training’s UK Scholarship.

Why is learning important to you and how has it impacted your life?

I am a cat. Curiosity killed me several times, but satisfaction has brought me back many times, too. When I was younger, Wikipedia’s hyperlinks were laser pointers aimed at a white wall, and I couldn’t help clicking on every link I saw. What’s behind all those links? I had to know and hunted them down. Simply put, learning was – and still is – my catnip.

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How to Make Your Own Bicycle Raincoat

Finished product:


In Singapore, some bike parking places don’t have sheltered parking. Here’s how I made my own raincoat for my bike. Basically, I used an iron to meld two disposable raincoats together to make the raincoat.

Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the process, so have some quick inside-of-the-envelope sketches (yes I drew them on an actual envelope and a letter).

Time taken: 3 hours (should be faster if you know what you’re doing. I was experimenting too.)

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Finance a Bond-free Overseas Education: It’s Possible!

Yes, even for students in Singapore! I’ve been exploring my options for funding an overseas education, and I’ve been talking to people. I was introduced to S, who took her own route to the US, and we had a great chat about going overseas.

I realised that you have more choices beyond paying entirely out of your own pockets, or getting a bonded scholarship. Far too often these look like the only options for Singaporeans. There’s actually a comfortable in-between: pay parts of it yourself, and then make up the difference with other methods.

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