Bond-free US/UK Undergrad Scholarships/Money for Students in Singapore

The Story

I spent a few nerve-wracking weeks scrounging up this information. More people need to know about these!

Here are alternatives. For if you don’t want to get bonded, but still get money. Most of these are for us who haven’t enrolled yet.

I’m tired of this not being collated somewhere and available to people. We need this information! And so, here it is.

Money-hunting Tips
To get more information:
Call the below people and ask: “Hi, I’m [name] and I want to study in [country]. Do you know any non-bonded scholarships that I can apply for?”

1. Your school university admissions counsellor.

2. British Council Singapore. They told me it’s all there on the website, but can’t hurt to try again. (

3. Education USA. (

4. Also try the department your degree is parked under. There may be department specific scholarships.

Better yet, go to overseas education expos and ask in person:

Sometimes there are scholarships for people after they enrol, too.

General scholarship tips

Unbonded full ride to everywhere
Loke Cheng-Kim Scholarship (Singaporeans and PR only. Applicable to local too)

Smaller prizes to both UK and US
Although it’s an Imperial site, some here are applicable to US too.

General Scholarships + Funding:

Big Prizes
Full ride to Oxford or Cambridge:

Full ride to Oxford:

Full ride to Warwick (but also depends on financial need):

Full sponsorship of first year (must get an IELTS score by the deadline, which is end Feb of the year you want to enroll):

Smaller Prizes


Make a 1 minute video:

Search tool:


You can also look for course-specific scholarships from the “Institute” it’s under. For example, the Institute of Civil Engineers has some money:

The undergrad stuff:

Some more:

Big Prizes
Full ride:

Smaller Prizes
Here’s where it gets interesting. The US has many many tiny scholarships; just searching “scholarships” should give you a fair amount. You can also search for “scholarships for [subject]”, e.g. women, engineering, green. Hell, you can even search “scholarship water filtration” and it’ll give you this and this.

Another website lets you volunteer for a chance to win money:

For electrical engineers (+ some other related stuff to IEEE):

Go forth and search!

I heard from my friend that you can also email companies (relevant to your course, I suppose) and ask them for scholarship money. It could be tax deductible/they may get tax rebates so individual companies may be willing to sponsor, bond free.

You can also try crowdfunding.

Also, negotiate your financial aid package. After you’ve applied you may or may not get some money. But once you know your package, call the financial aid office and say (adapted from here):

“I really want to come to [school], but I have [personal hardships + moving costs etc]. I believe that I’d be a valuable addition to the school community because [reasons]. This school is my first choice, but I have other very attractive offers and I need to decide. Is there any way you could take another look at my application for financial aid?”

One of my friends also told me that she got good grades in school, then asked the financial aid office if she could get more money next year since she was doing so well.

Important: if your award shows as “award access not available”, CALL THEM. For me, the school missed out on linking my CSS Profile with my application and told me to wait 7-10 business days for an award.

A good resource for general information (albeit rather outdated):


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