(Non-boring) Job Ideas for Students

Don’t settle for the normal part time job where you just sit and do the same thing over and over. Try something better!

  1. Research assistant
  2. Kickstarters (Indiegogo, too)
  3. Patreon
  4. Freelancing, using sites like fiverr.
  5. Serial scholarship applier: apply for many many scholarships. Probably quite lucrative.
  6. Serial competition participator: they usually have prize money. Plus, it’ll help with your academics (if you do related stuff) and CV. I used to do fiction writing competitions to make myself commit to writing.
  7. Side hustle. Tutoring, coaching, reselling stuff. Blogging, photography, you know. Maybe even cooking meals for other students. You can get better at the skill while making money too.

Get creative and see how you can use your skills differently. It’ll be more fun and more rewarding, too.


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