2017 review

This year was full of short term projects and tryouts: BCA-JSP, NEA, volunteering in a lab. Along with some side projects. Sprinkle in some travelling, volunteering here and there. Top it off with my first semester at university, and this was roughly how my year went.

Looking back, it felt like I didn’t do much each specific day, but when strung together like this there is a lot. Reminds me that time, if used well, can actually lead to a very full year.

At the end of 2018, I want to say that I grew and made the most out of that year. I want to replace my bad habits with good ones, and do better. I want to contentedly live out my “today”s, and focus on the next step to reach my goals.

Have a good year ahead, everyone!


Thank you, world

There are so many people who’ve helped me in one way or another; I think it’s quite impossible to count. If you asked me who my influencers were, I can only say “the world”.

Things my friends say in passing – so obvious to them – helped me see the holes in my thinking, helped me see how differently I can think, helped me see my options. Of all those blogs and articles I’ve read, I realize the ones that are most potent are those that click with something that someone else has written. It’s the synergy that makes it stick. My thoughts interlink and I get a more complete picture of what it is.

Hell, school even – some concepts from economics and physics carry over excellently when I think about life.

In fact, when I realised all this, I remembered that this post from Leo Babauta draws similar conclusions. He illustrates it fantastically well in that piece.

So, thank you, everyone in my life, for helping and shaping me in more ways than I’ll know. Thank you, world, for being my influence and helping me improve, each step of the way.

A key thing no one told me about forgiveness

It’s this: before you can forgive, before you can let it go and give yourself closure, you need to understand the other person, and understand why it happened. The story needs to go from, “That person hurt me and I don’t deserve it” to “That person hurt me, and I see why they may have done that. They are hurting too.”

That was the last missing link for me: understanding their perspective. Really, truly understanding.

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LTA Express: what to expect

LTA Express is a three-week internship cum scholarship selection, held in December ish. You’ll get attached to a department in LTA, and follow them around while also having your own project (in teams of 2-3) which you will present at the end of the internship. Everyone is invited to participate in the first round of interviews (I think); if you’re found suitable, you can go directly to the second round after this programme.

I went for the Dec 2016 run of the programme, and was attached to Rolling Stock (aka, trains department).

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Daily notes from the BCA JSP programme

The BCA-JSP programme is a job shadowing programme helmed by BCA. It’s basically a 2.5 – 3 week crash course on the built environment. We hopped from the government, to private firms, and also to schools. Finally, we job shadowed for a week or two. I was attached to BCA’s Green Building/Green Mark Department. Below is my daily notes from January 2017. (warning: very long)

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